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The Suites in Via Purgatorio n.8

Between the end of the 1600s and the first half of the 1700s, Mottola experienced a phase of demographic growth and urban reorganization which saw the construction of the new church of Purgatory in the neighborhood immediately behind the medieval walls and a series of new stately buildings incorporating older homes.

It is to this era that the construction of our building with entrance on via Purgatorio , one of the main arteries of the historic center and part of the ancient "pittagio-neighbourhood" of the same name, can be traced back.

Passing the large door, you enter a small open courtyard with a stone staircase that led to the first floor where an elegant apartment was located consisting of 4 rooms gathered around a large main room with a refined barrel vault with lunettes.

Two elegant independent suites have been created from the elegant apartment, Elena and Margherita (saints whose effigies are present in the rock churches of the area), furnished with extreme attention and attention to detail.

The rooms on the ground floor , now intercommunicating with each other with imposing roofs of the pointed arch and barrel type, are the result of a superposition of walls and rooms built in various historical periods starting from the Middle Ages. From the courtyard you can access these rooms which are now occupied by an elegant SPA in which a superb salt water swimming pool framed by lateral waterfalls reigns supreme.

A spiral staircase also allows access to the terrace where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the domes and roofs of medieval Mottola.

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