Mottola Tourist Route - Altamura - Matera

Mottola > Altamura > Matera (90 km 70 min.)

From Mottola to ... Altamura (distance 40 km; 45 min approx.)
A pretty town in the western Murgia, along the streets of the historic center you can visit the Claustri and the imposing Federiciana Cathedral.
Also visit the multimedia center "Uomo di Altamura" (tel. 080 3143930/080 3149622) and stop to taste the excellent products of the master bakers who made the town famous with the Bread of Altamura D.O.P.
The visit of the city takes about a couple of hours.

From Altamura to ... Matera (distance 20 km; 20 min. Approx.)
(From Mottola to Matera about 50 km; 45 min. Approx.)
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sassi of Matera represent the ancient districts of the city. The rocky heritage of Matera is also remarkable, characterized by the presence of numerous crypts, which gave the director Mel Gibson the ideal backdrop for "The Passion of the Christ". Matera is also the European Capital of Culture 2019
(Half-day tour, recommended in the afternoon)