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Why choose Albergo Diffuso?

For more authentic and sustainable tourism

A new form of hospitality that is conquering more and more tourists is called Albergo Diffuso and is a mix between a home and a hotel , ideal for those who do not like stays in the classic hotel. Its components are located in different buildings within the same urban nucleus, characterized by a horizontal structure , unlike traditional hotels which often resemble vertical condominiums. The Albergo Diffuso attracts all that segment of tourists interested in staying in a prestigious urban context, in living in contact with residents rather than with other tourists, and in taking advantage of conventional hotel services such as breakfast in the room or restaurant service. The Albergo Diffuso is particularly suitable for enhancing villages and towns with historic centers of artistic or architectural interest, in which old closed and unused buildings can be recovered and enhanced, without the need to build new structures for tourist accommodation.

The advantages of the Albergo Diffuso

The Albergo Diffuso offers a different holiday than usual, in which it is possible to live the unique experience of living in a historical context , breathing in the local traditions and culture. In fact, widespread hotels encourage more sustainable tourism , favoring the redevelopment of historic buildings and the promotion of local craftsmanship. Furthermore, they allow you to live an authentic experience and make contacts with the local population. Choosing to stay in an Albergo Diffuso therefore means supporting the valorisation of the local cultural and tourist heritage, contributing to the promotion of sustainable and more responsible tourism.

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